Screen AdvantageĀ® is easy to use, but deceptively simple. Through careful planning and by designing some great functionality, users are able to build surprising layers of complexity and flexibility into their finance plans. Types of investment participations available include:

  • Debt Investors
  • Equity
  • Assigned Territories
  • Investment Corridors

If any of the functionality is unclear or if users are unsure what is required at any time, help is at hand. Next to each major input section, users will find littleĀ icon-info buttons, which will help shed light on what the input screens are asking for. If the answers there still need further expansion, clicking on the HELP function will open another browser window, in which users will find a comprehensive Glossary & Tutorial. Users can then toggle between the Input Screens for the project they are working on and the Glossary & Tutorial pages, so getting access to all the help they might need